The Facility

The Facility is Focused on making a better DayZ Atmosphere. We are created from the bottom up, with becoming one of the best Modded servers. We are becoming the new DayZ standard with our consistant updates and new content.

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Balanced Economy

Designed to be perfectly balanced with still having that DayZ feel all players enjoy.

Custom PvP Events

Brand new PVP events, such as crate hacking, airdrops and helicopter crashes and more.

Quality of Life

This includes a high performance system and Adjustment of Field of View aswell as single-use repairs.


Custom systems such as custom keycards and animated heli crashes and an exclusive cctv system.


Brand new vehicles, With also bringing in helicopters to suit your needs of a mode of transport


Impressive custom-made maps personally designed for The Facility with bringing unique locations around the maps to explore

We created "The Facility" As we saw a place for us to fit in the DayZ Community. With us bringing new features to the table.

We will be consintantly bringing new features that have not seen elsewhere which will make us stand out from the rest.

The Facility

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