Server Bundle Plus


Purchase this to get a full skin set which includes - Helmet, Shirt, Pants, Gloves or Shoes, Armor/Vest and a Backpack - Also includes a choice of ONE gun OR vehicle skin also added. Alligator sniper CANNOT BE done so do not ask for this. everything else is totally fine. This package also includes priority queue to our server which allows you to gain priority access when/if multiple people are connecting at once. This will never expire. - This package also gives you these benefits to up to 3 of your clan members. Additional skins will be made upon request, you can mix and match and choose anything you desire. Does not have to be limited to the bundle requirements. MAX 15 skins created.

All donations to SupremaZ goes to ensuring the server, website, bots and much more gets paid for and kept alive. All donations will receive you a discord role called donator, All custom skin/item implementation related products will and must be available for all players according to Bohemia Monetization guidelines. Once purchased open a support ticket and request which item(s) you would wish to be added