SupremaZ Deerisle

Server Rules

SupremaZ Deerisle General Rules

• Do not descriminate, abuse, be toxic or racist in any way, lets keep the in game chat, and voice chats to a respectable level.

• Do not breach or exploit any rules listed within our server, this is not fair, lets maintain our honesty, and integrity.

• Cheating will be taken seriously, in no way shape or form is this allowed. If you are caught an instant perma banned will be issued.

• Do not log out inside the rooms that the keycards are being used on, if you do this you will be punished, lets play fair!

• The use of vehicles especially helicopters are at your own risk, remember this is DayZ, vehicles can be buggy, Admins will help if the server is at fault, otherwise you are on your own.

• If someone is streaming please do not stream snipe, this is also classed as cheating and will be issued a ban if caught!.

• You are allowed to team up with other players as long as you DO not exceed the maximum of 4 players! - You cannot roll around with 2 groups of 4 in a pvp zone, only 4 total period!

• You are only allowed up to 4 players per group!

• Do not call out cheaters in game, PLEASE use the ticket system in discord. THIS also applies with any general support request, we will not help if you spam HELP ME admin in game

• Do not loot cycle ( loot same area and keep cycling back for more loot to spawn)

• Logging out in the temple, KMUC bunker and arctic crypt IS NOT ALLOWED. If you do this to obtain special items like the keycards, hammer etc you will be punished. Only log out if its utmost necessary.

• Do not place vehicles or helicopters in the P2P market on weekends UNLESS you fully intend to sell them and not withdraw after the weekend to avoid them being raided.

• Do not post base locations in game or in discord. Keep these private

SupremaZ Deerisle Raiding Rules

• You are only permitted to raid through doors, gates, hatches (anything with codelock), includes tents, lockers, storages etc

• Do not dismantle ANYTHING inside a base, includes tents, lockers, greenhouses ANYTHING with a dismantle action (Including the base itself)

• Do not log out in someones base, if caught doing so you will be punished

• Raiding is only permitted on Friday @ 8PM GMT+1 until Sunday 23:59 GMT+1 Any attempt to raid before these dates will be punished

• During the raid weekend full scale PvP on the map is active!

• Do not glitch/force your way into the base, you must explode the doors! If the base is built bad feel free to get inside but without glitching!

• You can only raid with 4 maximum players throughout the whole raid. NOTE you cannot add new players to the raid if someone has to go offline or decides to do some other activity in game. Its only allowed 4 OF the same players. So for example If one player dies and has to go offline another friend cannot come to help If you begin the raid with 4 players THOSE same 4 players are the only ones allowed to be involved. You cannot swap under any circumstance. If its a new raid on a totally new base then feel free to swap with your friends/allies. THIS ALSO APPLIES TO COUNTER RAIDING and any other type of raiding. AND ALSO if you are defending, you can only defend with a max of 4 OF THE SAME PLAYERS. So no swapping out allies to help defend your base. 4 players MAX.

• You are not allowed to try and attempt to take over someones base

• You can only raid the same base ONCE per weekend, do not return the next day, or return after u have finished. You can raid more than one base a weekend as long as they are different bases! Raiding a base can last up to 6 Hours, if you attempt to raid again you will be punished.

• If you are being raided do not log out with all the gear, fight and defend your base, do not take the coward way out.

• DO Not camp outside bases waiting for someone to open a door, you can scope out and come up with a plan but lets raid fairly. If you open fire just as the door opens we will know!

• Always have one team member recording a raid, if any issues persists I can then fix this via the recording.

• Raids can last up to 6 hours but if at any given time during the raid your whole TEAM is wiped out You may no longer continue the raid on that base. If you have atleast one or more member alive and actively sieging the base you may return if you do die. But if that last member dies before any of your players return, the raid is then OVER. and you cannot raid again until next week on that base - this also applies to counter raiding, defending etc. You can run back to defend if needed.

• When raiding or defending a raid DO not change your username to mask your identity. Please keep the same name when coming online.

• Do not steal from players bases on the non raiding days, if the base is already raided and not rebuilt you can go inside and look for stuff but cannot use any raiding items to break further. DO not land on top of bases and take stuff during PvE days

SupremaZ Deerisle Building Rules

• You are not permitted to build close to the PvP Zones and Traders (1000M to traders) 500M to PVP Zones )(these zones are custom created and will block you from doing so)

• All bases MUST be raidable, making any unraidable base will be warned and ask to change, this includes placing tents or items that must be dismantled to gain access!

• You are only allowed one territory per player/group - You are not allowed to build in multiple locations. Territories span up to 75M

• You are only allowed to build up to 3 Floors in height - The third floor is reserved for Helis only, No loot is allowed to be placed on the 3rd floor

• If building on top of a large in game building you are only permitted to have 2 Additional floors, with the Last floor (floor 3 reserved for HELIS only)

• You are only allowed a Maximum of 15 'Locked' Doors/Gates/Hatches

• To build a base you must purchase a territory flag kit inside the trader, you must build it but do not require a flag, you can change that in the menu.

• Do not build across the main roads, do not block any entrance to the in game Points of interest!

• Note: When building doors, hatches, gates etc all components must match to obtain Tier 3/2 strength, Example: Tier 1 Wall with Tier 2 Door will still only be TIER 1, Both the wall and door should be matching!

• You are only allowed 4 players within one territory, if you have friends and allies they are not allowed access to your base unless you grant them access to look around. But at no time can they join the territory or be invited into it. Please refer to raiding rules for info when DEFENDING/calling help upon allies. 4 players Per one base only!!

• NO Placing barbed wire inside the base, barbed wire is only permitted as an outside defence. DO NOT Change around your base just for the weekend. Lets keep it fair and an even chance for everyone.

• Only two garage kits are allowed per base do not place more than 2 or place DECOY garages

• DO NOT USE the room dividers from rag base items as if its a door inside your base! Only use it for decorations

SupremaZ Deerisle Vehicle Rules

• You must park all vehicles inside your own personal Parking Garage OR the various garages located around the map, Note during raid weekend do not park in these. If you are a new player and yet to have a base I will allow it but if you have a base and you are using these you will be punished.

• Parking Garages can be bought inside the trader, these start with 1 Vehicle allowed and can be upgraded to up to 4 slots

• Vehicles are set to despawn every 4 hours of non activity. SO if you do not use the garages your vehicle will despawn! NO compensation will be provided

• During raid weekend you are not allowed to use the public garages in the safezones/around the map. You must place these in your base!

• As a solo player only 2 cars, 1 boat and 1 heli is allowed, when in a group Each player is allowed 1 CAR. (4max) 2 large helis and 2 small helis (MOSQUITO AND R22) and 2 Boats PER group.

• Boats also have garages placed around the map in the large cities by the ocean, Find the Boat dock to park inside these! AGain boats will also despawn after 4 hours

• When parking inside these garages ALL items must be removed, you cannot store anything except the attachments like Batteries, etc.

• Keys are used to lock cars, these must be assigned to use the garages if you do not have a key in your hand it will not let you use the garage.

• Do not attempt to destroy vehicle wheels, doors or other inside the PVE Zone. this is just being an asshole. DONT do it

• Lost vehicle keys can be replace for 10% of the vehicle value (vehicle costs 400k - key replacement = 40k)

SupremaZ Deerisle PvP/PvE Rules

• PvP is only permitted inside the PvP zones, or globally during the PvP Weekend, NOTE during PvP weekend DO NOT CAMP SAFE ZONES!

• In the PvE Zone do not handcuff or attempt to steal players loot from their body or if theyre sorting inventory.

• In PvE do not give abuse or hatred if someone is looting an area you are looting, its first come first serve

• In PvE area you are not permitted to steal players vehicles, if done so you will be punished.

• No combat logging in PvP, play fair and face up to the fight!

• Do not call out players base locations in the game or on discord.

• If you kill someone in PvP and they have vehicle keys feel free to steal the car whether you may find it.

• When inside the PvP Zone it is FIRST person only, this applies to full scale pvp raid weekend also

• In PvE area Do not try and steal from someones base, they cant hurt you so dont exploit this. If they tell you to LEAVE leave their base, if you do not you will be banned.

SupremaZ Deerisle Safe Zone Rules

• Do not steal others items, if people are transfer items from cars, selling items or dropping items for trading and you are caught stealing first a warning will be issued then a ban on any other offense.

• Any attempt of duplicating money will be punished, do not even attempt!

• Do not leave your vehicles inside the safe zone UNLESS you are using the numerous virtual garages that are listed inside!. Any vehicles exceeding this limit for more than 30minutes will be removed

• Please use the trash cans provided around the safe zones instead of littering and dropping all unwanted items on the ground

• Do not shout or scream down the mic inside the safe zone, people dont want to hear it!. Speak respectfully and calmly.

• Do not call out players base locations in the game or on discord.

• During raid weekend do not enter the safe zone to hide from a fight (being pursuited/chased by a heli, car or on foot) face the fight, do not run to the safe zone.

SupremaZ Deerisle Vehicle Raiding Rules

• Vehicles can be raided via the Garage Hacking Tool

• To raid use the garage hacking tool against a Personal Parking Meter

• Each Hacking tool has 3 uses, Each attempt takes 7 Minutes to hack resulting in a %15 chance to hack a random vehicle thats been placed in this garage

• Note sometimes the garage may not have a vehicle, this is the risk you run!

• This raiding also can only be done during the raiding times listed in Base Raiding Rules

• Lockpicks can be used to raid vehicles that are not parked but locked. DO not lockpick inside a safezone, lockpicking follows the raid schedule DO NOT BREACH it, each lockpick has 3 attempts and a 15% successrate

• You may lockpick a vehicle that is LOCKED inside the PVP Zone during ANY DAY. BUT ONLY IN PVP ZONE